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National Digital Forum 2016

I arrived at NDF pretty low,  felt low in spirits,  low in energy and just pretty damn unhappy.
I am in the midst of 'that job'  you know the one that I suspect everyone has that just sort of stomps on your heart. 
It makes no sense because in every way this should be my dream job,  and actually the role itself is amazing.  Its the ... context that is broken.
Anyho I was planning on sitting quietly, taking it slow and just doing/learning what I could and being kind to myself during the conference. 

Public Computers

I want to set up some computers that have a balance between,  ability to explore and play with new software etc... but also inhibit how much work I have to do in fixing them :p  I actually won't mind if some of our young ones want to play l33t h4x0rz  :D   It will be my pleasure to attempt to stay one step ahead.  It would be wonderful to pass on a love for digital technology and  hopefully the ability to create video, games, software etc...  


Five year plan

Do you plan ahead?  
We do,  and often discuss where we are going, particularly when we find ourselves in situations where we are not happy.  Or when facing big changes in our lives. 
We are currently discussing what our 5 year plan is. 
The key point for us,  is that at the end of 5 years from now,  We want to be geographically located in Taupo,  so the whole point of our 5 year plan is to come up with the most sensible way that we can live comfortably in Taupo.

Embrace the Remix!

Came across this great TED Speech. I found it so interesting because I have thought much the same thing myself. What can you point at and say it has not been influenced in anyway by anything else?


The last week I have spent 3 days at Nethui.

What an amazing experience. My brain hurts in a really good way.

Nethui was a fantastic experience and opportunity to contribute to the discussion about keeping the internet free and uncapturable. We know that libraries have an incredibly important role to play in promoting digital literacy in our communities, the internet is the  environment, we must be vocal and committed to promoting the needs of our communities in these arenas.

Nau Mai Haere Mai!

Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nona te ngahere. Ko te manu e kai ana i te matauranga, nona te ao.

This website is dedicated to all the curious folk out there! Knowledge is Power!

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