Public Computers

I want to set up some computers that have a balance between,  ability to explore and play with new software etc... but also inhibit how much work I have to do in fixing them :p  I actually won't mind if some of our young ones want to play l33t h4x0rz  :D   It will be my pleasure to attempt to stay one step ahead.  It would be wonderful to pass on a love for digital technology and  hopefully the ability to create video, games, software etc...  
Hopefully the list below will give a good starting point,  I expect it is going to be a work in progress but we'll have to wait and see.  If anything I may end up having to install Deep Freeze just to keep my sanity. heh.
Of course ideally these would all be running Ubuntu but I can't blow away these PCs with new installs,  they don't actually belong to me.
League of Legends
DotA 2
No machine
Reboot Restor RX
OBS Studio
Hosts file
Zug Zug work done!  Now I can get back to streaming the WOW pre Expansion Demon invasion!  :D  Heh.

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