National Digital Forum 2016

I arrived at NDF pretty low,  felt low in spirits,  low in energy and just pretty damn unhappy.
I am in the midst of 'that job'  you know the one that I suspect everyone has that just sort of stomps on your heart. 
It makes no sense because in every way this should be my dream job,  and actually the role itself is amazing.  Its the ... context that is broken.
Anyho I was planning on sitting quietly, taking it slow and just doing/learning what I could and being kind to myself during the conference. 
I forgot how wonderfully uplifting people can be,  and in particular people who are passionate about their roles and digitally awesome.  
By the end of the first day I was on such a high,  and it only really got better.  Being able to discuss with people the digital world,  gaming, youth, libraries, etc.. etc..e tc.. was GLORIOUS!  
To feel like you have something to contribute to what people are talking about and to hear idea's that make sense, and allow connections with what you are thinking is pretty rejuvinating.
Also of course catching up with people you haven't seen for a long time,  Yaye!
WHat came out of it?  
Musing,  So,  the internet and open data has changed the landscape,  now statistics are available to anyone and the issue becomes teaching people to access,  to understand how they can benefit.   Are libraries the same?  Our niche of 'place for information' is gone,  and the other offers to entertain, beyond reading have become immense.  So where is our 'thing' now? I know I know,  this has been discussed endlessley... 
We've also been talking endlessley about how we lose youth the 'lost years'  having worked with youth for the last 9 months I have to wonder if the problem is not that we dont really want 'youth' in the library.  Unless they look like us (ie. the general population of librarians)  behave like us.  Consider,  many of us would have no real issue asking a gentleman to behave,  but a youth in a hood and a cap, well that seems to be different.   Why?
One day,  I will find 'My job"  the one I love,  and stay with for years and years....  till then I guess I keep looking.  It is a bit embarrassing though,  bumping into people I know at places like NDF and its always "Oh where are you now........last I heard you were at .............."  sometimes its 2 or 3 jobs ago  :(   makes me a bit sad.
So generally debriefing atm,  have a lot of thinking to do,  experiences to sort through.  :)   Might get them down here.  That would be sort of handy to refer to. 

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