Five year plan

Do you plan ahead?  
We do,  and often discuss where we are going, particularly when we find ourselves in situations where we are not happy.  Or when facing big changes in our lives. 
We are currently discussing what our 5 year plan is. 
The key point for us,  is that at the end of 5 years from now,  We want to be geographically located in Taupo,  so the whole point of our 5 year plan is to come up with the most sensible way that we can live comfortably in Taupo.
What jobs do we want?  How many hours do we want to work?  What sort of house and where do we want to live? and most importantly....what do we need to do in the next 5 years to achieve this?
So far, I have just run about learning what I could and picking up skills in all sorts of different areas,  but I think now it may be time to narrow my focus a bit. Just not sure how to do that. Does it necessarily mean a change in career? 
Quite a bit remains to be seen,  it could be a signifcantly different landscape in 5 years, perhaps it would be possible to work remotely? Or perhaps we'll need to look at creating our own niche and changing careers. 

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