4 Things I wish I had done, Elections 2014, opportunities for 2017


So I have been sitting here since the election musing about the results. 

I have come up with a few things I wish I had done, on reflection. I hope there is something here that may help you  :)  Admittedly a few I can't really do all by myself,  but hey I am an optimist and there are 3 years to go! 


tl,dr Political parties, please encourage your supporters to voice their opinions on stuff and the herald and other sites,  as well provide them with the means and knowledge to complain when they feel the media is not acting impartial.


1. I should have participated in the comments section on Stuff / Herald etc... but I am just so used to not feeding "the trolls" that I always looked away and thought "Ugh surely no one is taking that seriously" however,  it is the modern battlefield and it is not good enough to 'opt out'.


Too many middle voter type people read their comments and opinions and never get an alternative view as Louderthanabomb so eloquently wrote in his post here, so I must make an effort to provide another point of view. 

Importantly though, most of the parties have an army at their disposal willing and able to spend a few minutes a day/week doing the same thing, putting across the views of their party and providing the alternative view. I think it will be vital in the future that parties are represented on sites like stuff, the herald etc.. (If you have read Dirty Politics you will know this is something that National have been doing pretty successfully for at least the last 3 years)


2. I didnt hold the media to account,  it is not good enough for our supposed impartial reporters to spout the party line,  it is not good enough to only have one version.  More then once I sat there with my family and we were aghast at how news was reported.


The media in NZ are not doing their job and need to be held to account, again political parties could ask their supporters to watch for this, complain! Use the Ombudsman! Demand impartial reporting. 

An easy way to do this would be to set up a link on parties websites explaining how to submit complaints.


3. Libraries could be used as voting booths,  librarians know their communities,  they are trusted and can help people navigate the system and explain the voting process to people with a low level of literacy,  I believe this small change would drastically increase the voter numbers.


4. Civics must be taught in schools, an app or multi school competition, or could it be like virtual elections? I dont' know but there has to be a way to make the learning process around voting and democracy fun. As we know, this is vital for healthy democracy. 


 So this is what I am planning to do, do you have anything you will change before next election? 

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